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*Must have at least $10,000 in tax debt to qualify.

Carefree Tax Debt Relief can help you lower the amount owed to the IRS

Many Americans can feel alone and stressed out when they are faced with the crises associated with tax problems. Fortunately, the experienced professionals at Carefree Tax Debt Relief are here to help guide you and help you save the most money possible while you simultaneously resolve your debt with the IRS, in the shortest time possible. If you haven’t filed your taxes on time, or you owe money that you can’t afford to pay, then our expert associates can help you negotiate with the IRS. We get results – on average, clients will only pay 10% of what they owe.

3 Simple Steps To Solve Tax Problems

Our tax debt associates will help you with a personalized tax solution designed to help you eliminate your tax debt fast.


When you call, we start with an investigative process. Our Expert agents will find out what information the IRS has and what we need to do to get your case solved. Once the problem is identified, we can begin to help create a solution that works best for your individual situation.


In the second step of the process, communicate is established with the IRS on your behalf. Our expert tax debt associates have been dealing with the IRS for years and know exactly what to say and not say during a negotiation to ensure you the best possible outcome.


We've helped countless people resolve their tax debt problems. Our expert associates will negotiate your tax debt to the lowest possible amount and get the IRS off your back. Helping people resolve their tax problems gives us tremendous satisfaction.